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श्लाघ्यः स एव गुणवान् रागद्वेष-बहिष्कृता ।
भूतार्थकथने यस्य स्थेयस्येव सरस्वती ॥

— कल्हण, ‘राजतरंगिणी’

That one of merit alone deserves acclaim, who with the discernment of an arbiter, eschews bias and prejudice in recounting the events of the past.

— Kalhaña, ‘Rājataraṇgiñī’

Our Vision

The present narration of Indian society, culture and history suffers from a definite skew that tends to narrate these according to how outsiders have perceived it and interpreted it, to fulfil and justify their relation to it. India’s story was framed to conform to the postulations of ideological streams that arose in Europe in the late 19th to 20th centuries, (Read More)

Our Mission

Only through a clear perception and representation of our historical origins, our journey through time and our present course, can we arrive at self-awareness. And only through this well-founded idea about ‘what we are’ can a nation and people realise their full potential and true greatness. The underlying thought of the Indian Council For Historical And Sociological Research (ICHSR) is to bring about this shift towards a, (Read More)

Our Objectives

The primary object of ICHSR is to bring together individuals and institutions engaged in research in the history of the Indian people and attuned to its own vision, under one umbrella, fostering a unified purpose to build a consistent Indic viewpoint on its culture and civilisation. ICHSR will produce, publish and promote academic literature and media reassessing India’s historical and sociological, (Read More)

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