Our Mission

Only through a clear perception and representation of our historical origins, our journey through time and our present course, can we arrive at self-awareness. And only through this well-founded idea about ‘what we are’ can a nation and people realise their full potential and true greatness. The underlying thought of the Indian Council For Historical And Sociological Research (ICHSR) is to bring about this shift towards a heightened overall consciousness in Indians about their true legacy, by engendering an authoritative Indic narrative that is both authentic and comprehensive.

In order to provide a strong counter to the established academia it is imperative that accounts challenging their intellectual positions are thoroughly researched and unimpeachable in terms of facts and scholarly rigour.

The definitive mission of the endeavour is therefore to generate, establish and present with lasting imprint, a well-rounded, emic view on the Indian social milieu, spiritual traditions and the historical landscape, and its manifestation in the present socio-economic and political scenario in India, with the ultimate aim to steadily expand this awareness among an ever wider base of the heirs of the Indian heritage, as well as those with a stake in and genuine inquisitiveness and love for it.