Our Objectives

The primary object of ICHSR is to bring together individuals and institutions engaged in research in the history of the Indian people and attuned to its own vision, under one umbrella, fostering a unified purpose to build a consistent Indic viewpoint on its culture and civilisation.

IHA will produce, publish and promote academic literature and media reassessing India’s historical and sociological background, to bring out hitherto neglected facets of India’s past, for a fresh and more inclusive retelling of the story of India. ICHSR will act as a clearing house of ideas and information on historical research in India and abroad and deliberate on the occasion, means and methods of their dissemination.

Towards this end ICHSR will be engaged in creating and steadily enhancing an academic pool, bringing together writers, researchers, language professionals, subject experts and professional historians, and collating new sociological, historiographical research, as well as fresh perspectives arising from sifting of original sources and previously disregarded evidences.

ICHSR will examine the myriad issues afflicting Indian society and polity that are rooted in the past, evaluate the background and factors that give rise to conflicts and the chaotic discourse surrounding them, and attempt to bring clarity and consider corrective actions for their resolution by neutralising the noise of rhetoric from a knowledgeable position.

ICHSR will seek to address from a historical perspective the glaring inconsistencies that impair Indians’ self-concept and the way the world regards them, which hinder them from gaining control over their narrative and destiny. It would try to identify the deficits in restoration of India’s civilisational integrity and the inimical forces that assail her sovereignty as a unit.

ICHSR will identify features of regeneration of India’s cultural and civilisational consciousness from her past as a means of instilling self-confidence and reinforcing national character.

ICHSR will proactively as well as reactively address falsified, prejudicial, ideologically motivated and negationist accounts of history injurious to the collective interests of Indians.

ICHSR’s long-term efficacy will lie in being well-organised, pervasive and influential to have the Indic perspective established in standardised versions of Indian history, society, religion and culture, within academic bodies and communication instruments of the Indian establishment, as well as undertaking remedial actions aimed at the wider information media directly or indirectly affecting India.

Operating Principle

ICHSR will retain a position fiercely independent of political allegiances and ideological imperatives. ICHSR will remain committed to factually sound, objective, disciplinary history-writing. ICHSR owes fidelity only to the truth as known – from fact to fact, build the edifice of Truth.

“Let us not underrate the value of a fact; it will one day flower into a truth.”