Our Vision

Vision Statement

To create an intellectual movement to evolve the first-ever independent, confident articulation of the Indian nation about themselves, an authentic, emic rendition of the Indian story.


The present narration of Indian society, culture and history suffers from a definite skew that tends to narrate these according to how outsiders have perceived it and interpreted it, to fulfil and justify their relation to it. India’s story was framed to conform to the postulations of ideological streams that arose in Europe in the late 19th to 20th centuries, distorting it to the extent that Indian historical and sociological studies became wholly inconsistent with the socio-cultural reality of India.

These readings about India, standardised and fed to generations of Indians roughly over the past century-and-a-half through an education system introduced by the colonial administration that supplanted the inherited knowledge system and its modes of instruction, served to sever Indians’ connect with their past, eroding their sense of identity with their civilisational ethos. The inherent misrepresentations within these have moreover created faultlines that has been detrimental to the continuance of India as a cohesive national entity.  

These prejudicial descriptions of India, established and perpetuated primarily through the dominant academia, have persisted in the discourse, as well as in the perceptions of people both outside and even those who are part of the Indian collective, but trained to view it through ideological lenses rather than a factual position.

This has remained largely unchallenged since an alternative disquisition was neither admitted nor tolerated by those firmly entrenched within academic circles in the field of Indological studies and the prevailing information media which endorsed their version.